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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Alan Wight stands up for Penyffordd / Penymynydd Community

Cllr Bernie Attridge's comments to the point and of value.

Most Welsh Authorities in the same boat.

Flintshire County Councillors on the planning committee need to be written to, there are 21 in all.
Their contact details are below. I'm thinking of writing to them all on each different point relevant to me. One of the main points of the recent protest meeting is that committee members need to be bombarded with quality objects.

Here are the relevant arguments against development ( copied from Facebook Penyffordd against Redrow Group)

If you are objecting, your objection needs to be personal to you and relate to a planning regulation - how will the development affect you personally. These are the most important examples -
2000-2015 UDP (Chapter 11 – Housing (11.17)) ‘The approach to housing should also give consideration to the need to avoid OVER DEVELOPMENT in villages, and to protect against provision for DISPLACED HOUSING FROM CHESHIRE, ESPECIALLY IN BORDER AREAS AROUND CHESTER. IN THE PAST SUCH DEMAND HAS LED TO EXCESSIVE GROWTH IN SOME VILLAGES WHICH CANNOT BE SUSTAINED.’
2000-2015 UDP Chapter 11- Housing (11.16)
‘‘The plan therefore seeks to provide primarily for LOCAL NEED, and a reasonable amount of IN-MIGRATION. The issue of house price increases and social exclusion are to be addressed through a FIRM APPROACH to securing affordable housing."
2000-2015 UDP Chapter 11 – Housing (11.7) ‘requires local authorities to apply a search sequence in identifying sites to be allocated for housing in the UDP. This means that previously developed land or under used buildings, including surplus employment land, should be allocated for housing BEFORE new greenfield sites.’
2000-2015 UDP Chapter 11 – Housing (11.48) ‘In Category B settlements...Justification in terms of meeting housing need would include both local housing need and/or an explanation OF WHY THE DEVELOPMENT NEEDS TO TAKE PLACE IN A CATEGORY-B RATHER THAN A CATEGORY-A SETTLEMENT.’
2000-2015 UDP Chapter 11 – Housing (11.74) ‘To meet identified housing needs the North East Wales Market Housing Assessment (NEWHMA) study recommends that 38% OF ALL NEW HOUSING BUILT IN FLINTSHIRE BE DEDICATED AFFORDABLE HOMES, AND THAT THERE SHOULD BE GREATER VARIATION IN THE TYPES AND TENURES OF ALL HOMES PROVIDED TO MEET THE NEEDS OF LOWER INCOME HOUSEHOLDS, SINGLE AND TWO PERSON HOUSEHOLDS AS WELL AS ELDERLEY AND DISABLED HOUSEHOLDS.’ e.g.there are no bungalows and only 19 affordable homes in the Redrow plan.
2.5 Priorities for Urban Areas and Rural Areas ‘Planning Policy Wales (PPW) sets out the Welsh | Government’s priorities for urban and rural areas respectively as follows: to secure environmentally sound and SOCIALLY INCLUSIVE REGENERATION in those urban areas which require it, so that they become more desirable places in which to live and work; and foster sustainable change, IN PARTICULAR MAKING IT POSSIBLE TO LIVE WITH LESS NOISE, CONGESTION AND TRAFFIC POLLUTION, and improving the quality of life. To secure sustainable rural communities with access to AFFORDABLE HOUSING. This development has no provision for homes for the elderly or disabled.
25. Population, Household Growth and Housing Topic Paper No. 10 June 2015, page 2 ‘Population growth is SLOWING DOWN IN FLINTSHIRE in comparison to historical trends (the last 30 years.). 20011 Census based WG projections indicated that Flintshire’s population is only likely to grow by 2% over the plan period for the LDP.’ – 2015-2030. If this is true, why is there a need for 190 homes in a village that has already been developed to the maximum?

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