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Friday, August 05, 2016

How many Penyffordd Cllrs will be writing to Flintshire County Council Planning members over the Redrow 192 houses?

An interesting question.
I mean individual councillors not the council as a group.

Cllr Cindy Hinds is on the Planning committee so Cindy can petition planning members in person.

Is it bad form for community councillors to write to county councillors ( FCC  planning members)?

Or will it be Penyffordd Community Council letter agreed mid September sent to Flintshire planners, job done?

I intend to raise this matter on the Penyffordd against Redrow Facebook forum.


  1. I have written to all members of the planning committee with regard to this application. In my letter I have made the points regarding affordable housing which has been made on the blog. I have spoke with one member of the planning committee with regard to this application.I have also written to Carl Sargeant expressing the villages concerns regarding this matter. Another point Cindy Hindes is not on the planning committee if you let me have your email address I will let you have a copy of my letter. I am just as concerned as a lot of other people in the village regarding this development it is just that Monday Night is not a good night for me.

  2. Well done David, this is excellent, I commend you. Lets hope other councillors follow your example

  3. I will also add that I am still awaiting an acknowledgment to my letter from any of the members of the planning committee. So don't count your chickens but come the 1st Of September they will all be getting another copy of the letter.

    1. Hi David your comment spurred great metal activity in me. If all Penyffordd Against Redrow members write an email protesting against the 192 houses to all 21 committee members that equals over 4000 emails. I've told the Facebook group that you have written to all planning members. Acknowledgements ! With emails you just send it again........... and again.

  4. better idea tomorrow they will all get a copy sent to there email address at home.

  5. Well done David. IMHO I think all communications between cllr members, FCC officers etc should be counted. I think a lot of emails will be flying towards FCC Planning Committee in the next month....

  6. I as David have written to all council members I know at lest three have read my mail , because I have me email system set up to give me a receipt when is is opened on their computer's.
    As I have said before I am 100% against this crime against our village.

  7. Hi Jeff, well done also ! Setting up emails asking for a receipt of email received a very good idea which will be passed on to others in PAR


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