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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Penyffordd Village Post Office closes

Today was the last day for our Post Office in Chester Rd.
Many thanks to Karen and Kath for the excellent service with a smile they provided.

The Post Office is moving to The Spar on Hawarden Rd.
Most probably opening this Friday.
Karen and Kath are not part of the move.

Not sure our senior villagers will like the change.
Some of our older villagers need help when getting money on their money cards.

One old chap who came in the Post Office would be asked for his pin numbers and he would shout it out at the top of his voice.............................

Today I had to park in Crossways to use The Spar that's without the new post office traffic.
Looks like it will be Fred Carno's circus outside The Spar in future.


  1. Completely unrelated to the post but worth mentioning on your blog.
    Today we had some 'nottingham knockers' down our street (millstone area of penyffordd), knocking on doors and selling household wares. 3 young lads, claiming to be ex offenders on a rehabilitation program. No doubt a scam, and could be more sinister - casing out streets / houses. Can you make everyone aware please and to call 101 to report this if they experience the same thing. Better to be safe than sorry, we don't want cold callers frequenting the area.

  2. Karen and Kath have been the face of our post office for a long time and they will be sadly missed by me,allways a smile and up for a chat,spar just won't be the same in my mind,parking is a nightmare now what it's going to be like in the future I hate to think,FCC are going to put double yellow lines on the road outside spar some time in the next two to three years,not quick enough in my mind. But let's see what the parking is going to be like.

    1. Well said Jeff re Karen and Kath. I think there is no easy answer to Spar parking for about 5 years............

  3. I forgot to say a very big thank you to both Karen and Kath you two have been great , good luck for the future I hope to see you around the village 🌋

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