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Monday, July 20, 2015



We have a wasps nest in our living room.
The pest control man laughed when Lisa told him where it was.
He has 8 wasp nest visits today.

As a rule I don't kill anything excepting the odd horse fly.
They just will not be told.

We have bee and wasp nests in the garden they are just left alone.

The nest must have 20 or 30 in at the moment. edit joke!
We've had one or two in for days but I thought they had a nest
inside the roof outside that they were coming through the patio door from outside.

Seems its the other way around..................

Just to make things more interesting I've
tried to remove some hifi cables near the nest so pest control have better access.

Some of the cables were in the nest which now has a hole in it.

Swift exit stage left...........................

Got stung on the nose by a hornet once removing some ivy.
Not nice at all.
Had to dash through nettles and over a fence with eyes streaming.

postscript: job done, was wondering about a diy job, this would have been a big mistake,
the nest had over 100 adults and eggs, the nest I could see was just a small part.

Wiki quote " The size of the colony ranges from 3000 larvae up to maximum of 8000 larvae, with the queen producing around 200~300 eggs per day for 24 days"

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