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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Blogging a Hughes Tradition

This is my brother Michael's eldest, Alex. (below link)
Half British and half Greek
Super programmer and rock star.

Since we're half way up the country handy for half way stops for his galavanting.
Alex is always welcome.
A gentle giant, not sure where the giant genes come from must be the Greek side.


  1. Chrissie Bussingham14 Jul 2015, 11:42:00

    Hi Colin, I read the Alex blog with interest as my daughter toured Ireland with friends some years ago on her Fazer. From Penyffordd to Dublin she followed the same route as Alex. Luckily as you live at the bottom of our road he wouldn't have had to go over the lethal speed bumps - they are very slippy in the wet and of course invisible in the snow. My daughter has over 20 years biker experience and tells me the yellow strips on the Penymynydd road are very bad for bikers and cyclists. They are also inefficient - 4x4's and lorries still speed past my place as ever. I wish Alex all the best in his travels.

  2. Hi Chrissie the problem being lots of people travel too fast, including parents past our primary school and through the village. I had nothing to do with Penymynydd Rd. I await the day when we have 20 mph zones in the village when lorries taking a short cut are penalised, when speeders have the fine taken out of their account and deposited in Penyffordd Community Council account instantly with covert speed cameras. Toooo many idiots have driving licences. I was out side the Penyffordd garage allowing the bus to come the other way yesterday ( his right of way) when some dick h overtook me ! cue road block.


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