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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Penyffordd Health

Giant Hogweed what a plant, imported from Russia I think. Normally bi annual. Sets its stall out in the first year then climbs to 14 feet in the second year. Transport spreads the seeds along the highway. The nearest I've seen it to Penyffordd is Northop on the A55. I know where there is a field full of it.

The bees love it.

As with lots of things that are a threat to us, it has to be destroyed. Such is our civilised society. All that it requires is respect and education for us.

Its no good for making blow pipes to fire pips through lol. A visit to A&E with pretty awful skin damage. Your skin bubbles up like the bubonic plague, been there got the tee shirt.

Wiki say cattle and pigs can eat it without harm.

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