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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Penyffordd Health Quiz

This is Penyffordd's new health centre, where is it?

Perhaps I'm being unfair. If Betty can give Flint Town Council the run around what chance have Penyffordd councillors got.

With the benefit of full hind sight Penyffordd district residents should have been persuaded that using our now closed health centre was the way to go instead of the current position where we have to use the chemist, go to Buckley, Broughton or Hope. Whoops! I've given the answer!

My last local doctor visit was a 90 minute wait for a 5 minute consultation.

Its what happens when you give free health care to every Tom, Dick or Harry who can get into the country who didn't pay didly squat towards our health system.

Welcome to the Euro Zone.

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