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Friday, July 24, 2015

Sunday Carboot

Sorry for the swear word. Windows 7+ ended all my photo editing software knowledge.
Can't get Corel Photopaint to work. Microsoft call it progress.

The point correct though. If I was doing a carboot I would get there at 8.00 not 5.30am, can't see the point. It's just trade first thing who will pay you peanuts.

With regards the violence point, in 10 years have seen next to nothing with up to 2000 people on the field. There are no police in attendance.

At Chirk anything goes except livestock. Not like Chester Hospital whose advert in the Chronicle is laughable with all its no this and no that and no the other.

If you do a carboot at Chirk, I would recommend parking your car where told, lock the car up and go for a walk. You do not want people rummaging in the back of your car whilst you are setting up. This is the time stuff will and does go missing. The term locusts springs to mind. Anything a trader wants to buy is worth a lot more than they will pay. How do you know whose a trader?
Go 6.00am in the morning.

What can you get at Chirk Car Boot? A cup of specialist coffee, burgers, fresh fruit, power tools, meat, candy floss, plants, books, children and adult clothes and shoes, car accessories, mobile phones, cheese, homemade cakes, furniture, cars, carpets, caravans and boats for sale, antiques, house clearances, home furnishings, garden plants, fortune told and much more.

The poster leaves out house clearers selling boxes of personal possessions, how sad trawling through somebody's life time history, letters, photos, diaries, etc

I remember buying a professor's library, his new girl friend wouldn't allow books in her house lol

Also the fact that one could be in Eastern Europe. Not a criticism they make the place happen.
Don't see many UK lads walking around on a Sunday morning at 8.00am clasping a vacuum cleaner or a big fluffy teddy.

At another carboot what really gets interesting is *filling a bag for a pound. Give him a pound and he'll give you a bag.
The skill is finding £50 of value to put in the bag, then buy another bag, then another.........
It's like " Its a knockout"!

Chirk Carboot runs every Sunday throughout the year, one of the best carboots in England or Wales.
Over 600 carboots on a good day.

This Sunday looks wet according to the met Office.

* Fill a Bag doesn't do Chirk

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