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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Capricorn Animal Rescue - Trouble at mill !

There appears to be an attempted hostile takeover from within Capricorn management.

Not sure how Facebook works, I have copied the item verbatim.
Presumably by Sheila Stewart who runs the rescue centre.


Capricorn is a victim of an attempted hostile takeover from within !

We have been informed by one of our volunteers that a committee
member and a part time volunteer are trying\planning to take over the running of Capricorn Animal Rescue & Sanctuary, This particular volunteer, who only comes along to the Sanctuary sometimes on Saturday or Sunday, for half a day, was saying that "there was to be a cleansing before they took over completely and they could then start fresh " .
These two individuals have little or no experience in the care needed for the wide variety of animals in the Sanctuary, they could not provide 24 hour cover for emergencies as we have always done, they could not provide day to day care of the animals and do not have the necessary knowledge to run the Sanctuary on a day to day basis.
They would not be able to keep the charity shops functioning, as they do at the moment, as they could not provide a collection and delivery service.
We are not sure if the word " cleansing " applies to volunteers and staff who oppose them or the types of animals that they do not like to be here, horses, sheep goats, pigs, llama, hedgehogs, lizards, snakes, tortoises, fish, terrapins and birds of prey and the volunteer in question is not keen on dogs either !
We have found out that for the past month our computer systems have been invaded, all our passwords have been changed, we have no control, our e mails are being intercepted and diverted, we have no knowledge of appeals for help and a standard reply e mail has been put in place, that we have not sanctioned. In fact, access into the computers, changing of passwords has not been sanctioned by the Committee and this is not within the policy of the Sanctuary or our Constitution. One e mail that was intercepted was regarding a legacy, luckily we received a hard copy through the post, we had to inform the solicitors concerned that our system has been infiltrated and taken over. The bank also was informed, they are issuing us with new passwords, paypal has already issued new passwords to us,. We have also changed the house and office locks after our keys were found to be missing. We have now added to our CCTV cameras inside and out and have had door and window alarms fitted.
This committee member called a General Meeting on the 30th June, without following protocol as laid down by our Constitution or the Charity Commission rules. She elected the part time volunteer as Treasurer of the Charity. No vote was taken, the meeting hadn't even been opened, it was not a Special Meeting, so this election of volunteer to officer of the Committee is not valid under our Constitution
We are working with the Charity Commission trying to resolve this matter and on instruction we have twice e mailed this individual asking him to return our passwords to us, so far, these requests have been ignored.

I founded Capricorn, I have watched it grow over the last 32 years, and when I was injured in a R.T.A., with my injuries settlement I bought 12 acres of land for the horses and ponies in the care of the Charity, to have grazing land. When my husband died, I used his life insurance to pay off the mortgage of the Charity Shop in Wrexham. I have not only put blood, sweat, and yes, even tears into this Sanctuary, I have also put every penny I have ever had spare to keep it going, to build it up, to make sure that it was always open to save an animals life. I do not want this to end, and it will if these two people are allowed to take over, they are doing it without the support of me or the Committee, staff or volunteers.


  1. As someone on their Facebook page says if you want to help animals start your own sanctuary.

  2. This is absolute rubbish being spouted by Sheila Stewart. It is the committee acting legally here not Sheila Stewart. She has not even paid the rent on the property or the Mold Charity Shop.

  3. Many thanks for your comment. It would seem you know what is happening.


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