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Friday, April 03, 2015

Speed News

NWP are launching a campaign against speeding bikers in N Wales. They wish to persuade them of the folly of their actions. Public relations exercise? I think so. A proportion of bikers come to N Wales to use it as a race track. Some have illegal exhausts which NWP completely ignore. I think it was last year when up near Llandegla on the A494. I couldn't understand why the bikers behind me were observing the speed limit and the Highway Code.

It became apparent later when looking at the Daily Post. About 20 bikers had been booked for speeding. This is the only language they understand NWP.
They are a nuisance and a menace. Our politicians all hide behind the settee on this one. Not one with any back bone.


More locally.
Drivers are speeding over the speed bumps at Chester Rd a major route to school. I think some are taking them at 40mph. My wife thinks not.

The profile of the static speed bump needs altering so that speeders are stopped. I don't think this will happen until a child or lollypop is run over.

If I was in charge of the village, through HGV would be banned and the only things flying through the village would be birds

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