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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Penyffordd Recycling Centre

We haven't got one of course.
Some would say why do we want one?

Moves are afoot to close the centre at Hope.
They want us to recycle our rubbish but they want us to travel further by car to do it, using more fuel.
The bus is out of the question of course.

I think residents should be able to swap rubbish at the tip if they choose. It's our rubbish. We should be allowed to skip dive, I'm often tempted lol.
A free mention in the local papers the outcome.

It helps to limit land fill. One person's rubbish another person's gold. It's how I make my living.

Instead recycling centres are built like prison camps with CCTV recording your every move. The council make a nice little earner on the scrap. They operate like Mafia.

For a long time now I've used Buckley Recycling Centre on the Spencer |Industrial Estate on Liverpool Rd. It can be got to via Wood Lane, Drury. It's a lot larger than Hope.

I don't recommend Saturday mornings ever.
I hate turning up with rubbish when the gates are shut and there's a queue

I think Queensferry is shut with Sandycroft being the one.
If you fancy a ride out into the country try Mold.

Aaron says closing sites will improve performance.
Aaron talks pants, he is however a very nice man.

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