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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Election News - Everything is Rosy

lastfreeman20 hours ago

1. National debt 4 times higher than 15 years ago. Even at low interest rates the payment is higher (much) than the defence budget. The annual Gov deficit still £90 billion.
2. Individual debt as high as Portugal's.
3. Individual savings including pensions, destroyed by 6 years+ of 0.5% base rate.
4. Unlimited immigration overwhelming housing, schools, health & transport.
5.Transport & energy infrastructure neglected.
6.Whats left of UK industry in foreign ownership.
7. A political class obsessed with gimmicks rather than boosting UK industry.
8. The 2008 Climate change Act that will cut UK emissions by 80% & shut British industry, with the jobs going to higher polluting China.
9. A political obsession with high foreign aid & crazy high subsidies for wind turbines.
10. Hugely expensive gold plated pensions for the high ups in the public sector.
11. A housing price bubble stoked by help to buy.

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