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Friday, April 17, 2015

Co option of a Penyffordd Community Cllr

The council have received two applicants for the vacant position left by former Cllr Joe Bell.
The two applicants will now have been interviewed.

The position runs to the next local election in 2016.


  1. New councillor: David Walker, long time stallwart of .....Penyffordd football team - mucker of David Williams???? Old boys network strikes again - talk about the need for younger people on the council someone to represent the MAJORITY OF THE VILLAGE

  2. Nothing like keeping it in the 'family'......old boys nominate old boys.....and the views of the most continued to be ignored....why don't they stand i hear you cry.....who would want to work with such a bunch of geriatrics who are only interested in their own agenda...imagine the frustrations.....have you read the minutes of their meetings - the boredom of what they are interested in and the sheer complacency of what they are not

  3. Thanks for your comments anons. Will the next local election achieve anything? We seem to be replacing one group with another. Is there a village plan? Does the committee have any long term objectives except attending the next meeting? Football pitches? Public open spaces? Banning of HGV short cut? 20mph zone middle of village? A doctor's surgery? Loads of new houses with little to show for the village.


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