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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Short Cuts

Chester Rd is currently a short cut for road workings at Posthouse A483 /A55 which is 4 miles away.
Saying that Chester Rd has always been a shortcut for the Penyffordd Bypass something I think should be prevented.

A commenter on the 2nd previous post states that Taylor Wimpey are looking to buy up property on the Towers estate to make an extra vehicular access for the estate they are building.

This is wrong. Most certainly outside the planning permission.

Estates are made cul de sacs on purpose, its good planning practice.

This is bad for the Towers estate. Some drivers disregard all safety issues whether its dashing to work or doing the school run.

If there are going to be holdups at Penyffordd Butchers planning permission in its current form should not have been granted.

Anybody's thoughts?


  1. Got overtaken on the zebra crossing last week as i slowed to cross it, impatient man actually overtook me!

    traffic is mad in this village

    1. You are right about traffic being mad. I can't see the issue improving. I would like a speed monitor placed in Chester Rd to show the crazy speeds people do over the bumps. Overtaking on the bumps has been seen, pushing drivers along for taking care on speed bumps is common.

  2. We raised access to the new estate as a problem when is was first mooted - told not to worry the butchers junction could easily cope - lets see our community council stand up to TW this time......or bow down as they offer another buy off

    1. Perhaps we can have the field next to the allotments as an open green space?...................


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