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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Community Recreational Green Space

Something Penyffordd has little of.

Higher Kinnerton have secured theirs.

One wonders what's going on behind the scout hut ie. earth moving
I'm sure all will be revealed


  1. Behind the scout hut they are preparing the new football pitch and park area...courtesy of Taylor Wimpey........also....rumours that they are putting in offers on houses on the Towers to knock down for access to the new estate...just remind me what our community council are supposed to be doing.....standing up for the community of being walked all over by a big corporation .....

  2. Many thanks for the information, it didn't look like it was housing. Football pitch. Full size or kids size?

  3. Full size.......what else......Cllr Williams been after one for years for the Red Lion team....for the kids??????? when were they ever a consideration for our community council?


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