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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Penyffordd schoolboy speaks of relief after horrifying accident


Main roads and children on bikes don't mix. They are a nightmare for drivers.

Neither do children on bikes on paths. You can get seriously injured outside my house stepping onto the path without looking in both directions. Speeds of 20 mph plus are reached outside my gate

I'm of the opinion that riding a bike safely for your own sake and others is not part of any school training these days

It will be interesting to see whose fault it was. Will NWP publish their findings?

Probably long drawn out over insurance claims.


  1. No problems with children riding bikes safely, keeps them healthy,active, outdoors and away from the computer.
    However, more and more we see children on bikes taking risks in the traffic, riding at speed along the pavement and suddenly crossing the road in front of cars. Giving no thought for their own safety, that of the driver or the fact they could cause a serious accident.

    Again, riding bikes on the pavement is a big issue. Both adults and children do this. Too often they will not give way or leave the pavement, just barge past which is both intimidating and dangerous.
    NWP hold open days where they are keen to put security markings on bikes. I wish they would go around schools and give talks on basic road safety for bike riders.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts, my sentiments entirely. NWP in the past have held road safety sessions at Penyffordd Junior School.
    I have somewhere between 6 and a dozen young people who hammer passed my gate on the path.


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