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Monday, September 30, 2013

A Village Common

Penyffordd is lacking community spaces including a central full size football field in my opinion. There is a large field next to the old signal box that is central, a good size, it has a stream running through the middle and has had little use over the years. In fact it is used as an unofficial village common.

With the recent explosion in village housing perhaps a good time to try to purchase this field for the future community. Those who have benefited by being able to sell their grazing fields as accommodation land should perhaps leave a lasting legacy for the village. Without the village here they would not have been able to make large profits from their land......

I should point out to those that do not know that Penyffordd was supposed to benefit from 106 agreements with the housing developers. However Castell Alun school have pinched most of the money and are baulking at allowing all Penyffordd district children access to their school.

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  1. Now that is a very good idea. Good to have a Community space. Surprised that the PCC have not thought of this, or maybe not!

  2. Well, we used to have a field that was used as a football field. Problem being field was used by sheep. H&S don't allow children to play on grazing land due to infection issues with sheep feces. I don't know the whole story, lots do though.
    Bottom line being not enough footballing space for the national sport to take place. I consider Padeswood out of our area, it's too far to walk to.

  3. There will of course be extensive community spaces ( not enough for a football pitch) on the new builds. Problem being it's rather close to Penyffordd Bypass which is noisy.

  4. An Ex PYF child2 Oct 2013, 22:49:00

    Hello Colin

    I grew up in Penyffordd but left quite some years ago now - I enjoy catching up on the goings on and recognising occassional names on your blog (not least the esteemed council leader of course ;-) ) Can you refresh my memory by what you mean with the old signal box and where this land is? When I grew up in the village there was space for a good size football pitch on the field behind the Millstone, opposite the Scout Hut. Indeed as Scouts, we often played over there on a Friday evening in the summer.

    Do you mean the land just beyond that, behind what's now the Pharmacy (I think)? That used to be home to the old horse of the month show, but that's back in the 1980s....

    People used to climb over the fence to play football on the school field at the Penymynydd Road primary school as well - but there was never anything official about that of course.

    Keep up the interesting blog.

  5. The land is next to the stream. If you go past the Millstone on the left, past the junior football field, then there is a stream, then there is a gate entrance to the field. There is also the field beyond which reaches Terrace Lane. That too should be bought for the village in my opinion.


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