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Friday, April 29, 2016

Up Creek Without Paddle

It would appear that access to a vehicle will be a "must have" in the future if you want to leave the village.

Un-economical bus services are being cut back.

I read in Cllr Cindy Hinds' newsletter that Sunday service to Chester has been cut.

Travelling to your doctors in Hope and Buckley is going to be difficult. Best not be ill. I suppose there's always the ambulance :)

Flintshire County Council are going to phase out subsidies for bus services over the next 3 years.
This will make more bus routes uneconomical. ie. withdrawn

The Community Transport option being muted seems very "Dad's Army".


  1. The Sunday service has been withdrawn for the last 3 years this is disgraceful. I attended a recent forum regarding Community Transport at the MOMENT there is no threat to the Chester Service until ARRIVA decide different. With regard to the service to WREXHAM there is a proposal to withdraw the service going through Llay as that part of the route is subsidised if it is withdrawn then it would go through Hope Village. This would increase the service to residents in Penyffordd as there would be 6 buses to the New Surgery in Hope but you are right the system is like Dads Army.

  2. Many thanks for the update. Please feel free David to comment further in future when plans have solidified. A lot of money involved here. Community Transport Hubs need premises, buses, drivers, a communication service, insurances and lots of other stuff. All also out of the tax / ratepayers pocket.


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