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Monday, April 25, 2016

IT Dept acting silly - Bt Infinity

Its BT Infinity day for us today. Internet goes off 9.15 am. Get new box out of the packaging which came in the post last week, connect the network, switch BT Hub 5 on. A bit of light flashing, blue light appears looks like we are in business.

On the sheet of paper it says "set up your first device using smart setup"

Just open your web browser, it only takes a few minutes.

So I'm sitting there head scratching, why hasn't the smart set up appeared?
No internet to ask why without driving around looking for a wifi hotspot for Lisa's mobile.

So I get Lisa to ring BT, I've already turned computer on and off, turned off my adblocker, even tried Internet Explorer instead of Chrome.

I suddenly realise we have Internet as I'm talking to BT lady, profuse apologies follow..................
What it should say on leaflet is that you should just connect box to your network and everything should work without messing around putting passwords and username stuff in.

Its that smart it doesn't even tell you its working..............

Only thing we had to alter was Lisa's iphone setting password for wireless.
My o2 phone didn't need anything altering ( edit I write pants)

Do our computers go any faster? I would say yes. Might even go faster when I put adblocker back on.
I know someone who cancelled their Infinity because the individual couldn't see and difference. Problem being vastly out of date computer and using computer for such stuff as emails etc.

Infinity being a video thing really and multiple internet activity.

I increasingly watch YouTube and will be buying Chromecast to watch stuff on the main telly with Lisa.


  1. Its all a con Colin - superfast broadband only works up to the BT junction box - from there to your house it's still good old copper wiring - which will slow the speed. You need superfast broadband direct to your home, and to get this you need a whole new junction box in your house instead of the usual phone socket. The UK is rubbish at this, only 2% of households have this kind of personal junction box and can therefore receive the speeds advertised. Spain has 75%. Take it from a BT engineer!

  2. Many thanks for the comments, just been discussing this tonight. Was wondering how much fibre costs to the house. Why is so much stuff a con these days. You have Spain who are in the poor house having superior digital communications. I suppose its down to government or lack of it.


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