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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Penyffordd Local Development Plan

We've got off very lightly you should see Buckley's

So ! We have the candidate suggestions in, to shape the future development of Penyfffordd district. There are tens of millions of pounds swilling around in the barrel.

Who is doing the suggesting?  You have to go to county hall to find out.

It can't be emailed or put on the Flintshire County Council website.


Perhaps we need to follow the money.
Who is Mr Big? Making all these suggestions.

Why aren't our councillors explaining things properly?
Ah! they will say "If you had attended so and so meeting and looked at this spread sheet and that spread sheet you would know what's happening."

All this could be explained on the council £600 website (and counting)

But its not. I feel it's Penyffordd Community Council's job to communicate before it's too late.
Pen041 an example of why they can't be trusted.

Some of you are having a skate park, Spar type shops, etc next to your houses.
Some of you won't be able to see Hope mountain after they're finished.
Have you looked at the above document properly?

I've been going on about the bulldozing of houses (Pen041) and the knocking down of The Spar (Pen035)  our only village shop. I've not looked at the rest properly. It's been better explained to me by Flintshire planners. A job our councillors are not doing. It's not a question of waiting until someone asks a question. It should be about communicating the possible options that are going to happen.


  1. The comment about not being able to see Hope mountain a bit over the top. Perhaps they'll put grass on the rooves. (what's plural of roof)

  2. One suggestion involves having a Spar type development on the current primary school site ( Penymynydd Rd )

  3. Can't see a suggestion about a doctors. Broughton doctors a 90 minute wait last time I went for a 5 minute consultation. Will the new doctors in Hope be better? A new health centre in Buckley already has silly waiting times. Best not be sick.

  4. I missed a trick here with hindsight. I should have candidate suggested the moving of the Legion and Chinese to somewhere else

  5. Also could have gone for a pedestrian area outside the Post Office so no outside traffic can use the village as a short cut. That's why the bypass was built. A bit too revolutionary that. Stopping short cut traffic not on any cllrs agenda. Have always thought some cllrs are members of the lorry owners union.

  6. Silence is deafening from our community representatives, how come it hasn't been discussed at meetings, how come no open sessions so that the community can have a al, (look it up).......begone!

  7. It would be fair to say Penyffordd Community Council are not endeared to myself. In my opinion we still seem to be in the long shadow of Cllr Tom Jones. I think Tom's philosophy something along the lines of "tell em as little as possible" " keep communication details well out of the way it will just encourage residents to moan or ask questions" The LDP issue very important for the future of the village. The problem being most residents are far too busy to stop and take stock. To me the issues need to be communicated to the whole village. Instead we have most horse trading / discussions done off minute. Penyffordd Council have a website, lots of people now use Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps a leaflet drop explaining the reasons behind their decisions, where they wish to see the village heading in the next 30 years. Seems akin to asking the council to dig up a wasps nest !

  8. Further Regards meetings. There was a meeting in 2014. I didn't go because I had bigger issues. There was a face saving meeting in September 2015 to discuss the possibility of an amalgamated primary school. There is also now a facility to address the council monthly at their meeting.


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