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Monday, October 05, 2015

Penyffordd Community Council Meeting this coming Wednesday


1. Apologies 
2. Declaration of Interest – Members Code of Conduct To receive any declarations of interest from Members. 
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd and 9th September 2015 To receive the minutes and confirm as a correct record and then approve the Minutes. 
4. Matters arising To review any matters arising from the last meeting.

5. Public Questions Opportunity for public questions. 
6. Casual Vacancy To discuss the vacancy that has arisen and review the procedure for advertising. 
7. Minor Authority Governor – Ysgol Penyffordd To consider nominations for the above vacancy. 
8. LDP Settlement Survey To review the study documents received. 
9. Community Asset Transfers To review information received following the Expression of Interests made.

10. Millstone Playing Field To receive an update in respect of funding. 
11. Police Report PCSO Mat Gordon to provide a report. 
12. Planning Applications To review and consider planning applications received. 
13. Notification of Planning Decision To note planning decisions made by Flintshire County Council.

14. Correspondence To acknowledge and note correspondence received 
15. Any Other Business


  1. I've written an email to the council asking to confirm their position with regards the Spar convenience store which they voted to knock down earlier this year.

    1. Colin I have replied to your email on this.I also know that the clerk has sent you a reply. The Community council have never ever voted to demolish the spar in fact they rejected the planning application so I just don't were you are getting this from.

    2. Hi David, I have read your email and replied. Please point to the council minute where PCC rejected Pen035. If my memory serves me well all minutes have numbers for items. The month of the meeting would be helpful.

  2. Item 5 - A welcome addition.

  3. Item 8 - It would be very good if Penyffordd Community Council release LDP Settlement Survey in its entirety into the public domain.


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