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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Call Me Councillor II

Just had a conversation with Lisa that spurred thoughts on how up to recently new community cllrs were chosen. Say we have 10 community cllrs. I'd check but its not written down anywhere easy.
A bit like the Masons.

There is a political divide within the village. Recently it was 9 - 1.

Nine Independent ( some old Conservatives ) and one Labour

The nine Independents all go to the electorate on one sheet. So all electoral costs are vastly reduced.
I've tried twice to be a community cllr and failed twice, personal costs are well over £200 an election plus a walk around every house in the district delivering leaflets. The £200 is non return it's a cost full stop.

The village voted in a sick man who shouldn't have stood. He beat me, no hard feelings, residents did me a favour. It's better being outside the tent rather than inside the tent.

quote:  (adult content)

I didn't ask Tom whether I could go on his sheet.................We had a temporary difference of opinion about speeding traffic on Chester Rd. It lasted 7 years.

Also you don't get paid or have any expenses as a community cllr. In fact it costs you in money and time. Such is the sacrifice for you're fellow residents which is not generally appreciated.

The old way of doing things was for the political head of the village to invite you to stand. This is after he's decided whether you have the right qualities to join his gang. We won't go any further on that one................

The main objective to keep Labour out of everything. The only problem being Labour run Wales and Flintshire County Council.

So that may be part of the reason why the village has under developed public facilities.

Why PACA was formed to develop village amenities.
Why Red Lion patrons got involved.

Cllr Tom Jones is political leader. His knowledge of procedure and local politics great.
Tom's reign is theoretically coming to a close. He's about 88 years old.
The village got fed up with him as a school governor.

I think he should be given an advisory role due to his knowledge.

So from the 9 -1 we go into the 2016 (edit please read comments its altered to 2017) local elections with may be more than one Independent standing down, maybe 3 or 4.
We have a new Labour community cllr so that makes two. A Plaid Cymru cllr has recently come out of the closet. ( perhaps I didn't read 2012 election literature properly)
Red Lion patrons will perhaps wish to make gains

I see Labour trying to make more gains. Cllr Tom Jones' power base collapsing.

This is my opinion. If I talk "pants" please say so in comments with qualification.

postscript. The 2016 local elections will have as a backdrop diminishing local money. We have a UK government that owe £1.5 trillion. (we'll forget the 100's of trillions of derivative exposure by the "investment companies") UK Government are telling England, Scotland, Wales and N Ireland they will be getting a lot less money to spend. Welsh Assembly will be giving counties less money. Flintshire County Council will be giving town and village councils less money. There is currently a program of asset transfer from county to community ( read community paying for stuff instead of county council but  you're rates will still rise). So not much room for facility improvement except if we have another 1000 houses......


  1. I forgot come 2016 the village has a vastly increased electorate, due to the three new developments. We need new faces with talent and an electorate willing to stop being sheep.

  2. Colin the 2016 is 2017 let us get our facts right

  3. It is the Welsh Assembly Elections in 2016. When the County and Community Councillors were elected in 2012 they were elected to serve for 5 years so its 2017 when these elections are held

  4. Thank you for pointing out my error David


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