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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cuts are on the way

Flintshire County Council want your help to save money. Gordon Brown wound
our debt up to £0.8 trillion, then George Osborne sent it up to £1.5 trillion.

Here's the deal.


  1. They can merge...costs some money in short term but saves in medium to long term....oh wait hang on...turkeys voting for Christmas and all that. Why would they merge and vote themselves out of a job, we don't need 22 chief executives, 22 chief planning officers, get the picture. Birmingham has more school children than the whole of Wales and makes do with one education authority and one chief education officer we have 22, but have cut school support services to a minimum. Lets save some executive pay for starters!

  2. Thanks for your considered reply. Yes you have point.


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