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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bad Driving II

I see the M56 was closed yesterday afternoon for 12 hours and the trains stopped. 4 car pile up A55  at Conway. Cyclist knocked off his bike in Wrexham.

I suppose its all due to volume and a legion of  idiots.

Which leads me onto........

Speed restrictions are going to happen on the Penyffordd Bypass. Not sure if the restriction includes the bypass but we are talking south of the village.

Cllr Stan Davies has mentioned the speeding on this section of road some years ago.
I find walking on the path next to this section of road un-nerving. 60 mph traffic within 3 feet of the path unacceptable. Some do 80 mph.......

Flintshire County Council advisory notices are on lamp posts.

ps.  Councillors there is speeding over the speed humps on Chester Rd. If you don't believe me get FCC to put down speed recording equipment.

Time for full time 20 mph zones in the village for the idiots.

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