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Friday, May 08, 2015

How the Battle was won

Just so you know.

I hate what the Tories, Labour and the unelected EU have done to this country, economically and socially

Immigrants with no jobs who cost us 100's of millions, ditto those who do not want a job, the coming splitting up of the Union, the current state of the NHS, too many people here, people living here here who do not like us, red tape on business locally and nationally, the causing of millions to die siding with USA's petrol wars. ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria) That's the short list.

postscript: Allowing our banksters to bet billions with us picking up the tab when they failed.
Our annual interest payments (not the debt) are around a £100 billion a year.

You won't want to know what UK Ltd's exposure to derivatives are.

extra postscript: The goalposts need moving.

"The SNP has bagged 56 seats in the new Parliament, by getting 4.7% of the vote. UKIP got 1 (one) seat, as their return for polling 12.4% of the votes cast. The Liberal Democrats got 7 seats by winning 7.9% of the votes." The Slog

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