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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flintshire Local Development Plan Penyffordd Candidate Sites

Taken from FCC website


  1. so what do we make of all this then? Good to see that our community councillors have gone through the list and given their about a little public consultation?

  2. A quick look at the other communities in this part of Flintshire would suggest we have got off fairly lightly. Take a look at Buckley. What we have here is an attempt at future planning in the face of uncontrolled population movement as directed by our unelected EU masters. You have a point about there being no public consultation.

  3. Ex village resident28 May 2015, 00:03:00

    I see this follows on from a previous post about a merged school site taking over the Millstone, caravan park etc. It's a long time since I lived in the village and even longer since I was at school there. I was in the Penymynydd Road school site after the original (1980s) merger when Abbots Lane became infants only and all primary aged pupils moved to the other site.

    Surely if there needs to be a single site school, the Penymynydd Road site is more than big enough for expansion? Could get another two classrooms on the "bottom" playground adjoining the boundary with the institute. Then if really necessary, get more on the other playground, which would still leave masses of outdoor space toward the boundary with Chester Road? Or pinch a bit of space from the institute field (shoot me now for saying that?)

    None of my business any more by a long chalk, but the point is surely there's lots of room on that site? Could even go for a second storey?

  4. As a millstone park resident this greatly concerns me, i wonder what sort of time frame we are taking about here.

    1. I think you should contact our Flintshire County Council representatives Cindy Hinds and David Williams. If you want their email addresses ask through comments here.

    2. I think you're quite right Colin.
      It is out of order by them that no consultation has been made to parties affected. Mr Ex village resident makes a more than valid point, there is more than enough room on the existing penymynydd site for expansion.
      Email addresses would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    3. I think the first thing to establish from Flintshire County Council the exact nature of what is being possibly proposed. You should I think also copy any correspondence to Sarah Hughes Clerk to Penyffordd Community Council. Let me know how you get on.

  5. You're quite right Colin, thank you for the email addresses and advice, it is much appreciated. I'll provide an update in due time.


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