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Thursday, May 07, 2015

Council reward contractors for shoddy work?

142. Matters Arising Minute 123 – The Clerk contacted Groundwork to advise that all correspondence should now be dealt with herself. Groundwork confirmed that all outstanding work had been completed, to which the Clerk informed all Cllrs and requested them to view and advise if satisfied. However, a few days later Cllr Vidamour went to site and the concrete around the crazing paving was loose and broken. Cllr Vidamour feels that Groundwork should come and visit the site to view for themselves the poor quality of the work. It was resolved that the Clerk with request a morning site visit from Groundwork with Cllrs S Davies and Vidamour for week commencing 9 March 2015. The Chair suggested that due to the original work being completed last November and the majority of the work completed to the Council satisfaction that we offer Groundwork a part payment of £2000.00 with the remainder being paid on completion. Cllr Weed advised the Clerk to ensure that there would be no legal issues offering a part payment. It was resolved that the Clerk will contact Groundwork with the proposal of a £2000.00 payment immediately and the remainder on completion, however, if they are not happy to accept this then the full payment will be made on completion.

Do I read Penyffordd Cllrs passed off work that subsequently turns out to be of poor quality?

Then gives company an extra £2000 plus more to fix it?


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  1. Clerk to Penyffordd Community Council11 May 2015, 21:20:00

    Hi Colin

    I think you may have misunderstood the minutes. The invoice for the millennium clock groundwork was for £3819.18. Although the work had been completed there was a small section that the Council was not satisfied with. It was resolved that as the majority of the work was completed last year we would pay a proportion of the invoice, that being £2000 and the remaining amount of £1819.18 be held back until the Council was satisfied with the repairs made.
    The Council have NOT given the company and extra £2000 plus more to fix it.
    I hope this clarifies the matter.


    Sarah Hughes, Clerk to Penyffordd Community Council


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