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Monday, June 23, 2014

Maelor Hospital Blog

On this page I will describe my 12 day stay in The Maelor . A frame work will be set up and then added to. Updated 08/July

The Prologue

February 2014  - Walking the dog up an incline in Nant y Ffrith forest I have to stop through lack of breath.
In April I develop a lump in my neck. I think the size of a ping pong ball, Lisa said smaller. I try some of my protocol for life supplements by May it has gone. Sheer luck?
The lump I thought an enlarged lymph node.
One evening in mid June I announce that I am dying. Doctors appointment brought forward. I've had xrays, bloods and ECG.

Day 1 To Marcher Practice, Broughton. After tests the doctor decides to send me to A&E Maelor. My blood oxygen levels are below 90 they should be 96.
We grab a bag of stuff on the way. Tests and questions for about 3 hours. Blood tests sent away.
Question: Have you got a parrot or kept pigeons?
Mr Kahn (Heart specialist) is in charge of diagnosis.
My doctor in A&E looks like Emma Watson the actress (Harry Potter)

Day 2 I am moved to cardiac in the middle of the night. I am wired up. 5 wires ECG, 4 litres of oxygen per minute through a face mask, blood oxygen monitor and an automatic blood pressure test every 10 minutes. Cant sleep because of the face mask. Removing face mask makes the blood oxygen alarm go off.

Day 3 "Can I borrow you Colin?" says Mr Kahn walking in with three apprentice doctors. Thus follows a masterclass in diagnosis using sight, touch and a stethoscope.
So I strip to the waste in bed whilst the doctors prod me and look at various clues. Question Am I displaying cyanosis? This happens with two consultants. It appears my symptoms are a bit unusual and a challenge for the trainees. ( and the consultants )
I am by the way able to lead a normal existence as long as I don't walk anywhere or talk too much.
I am however in hindsight going further down hill.
The illness in full stealth mode.

Day 4 Moved at 3pm in the morning. I'm moved to the grandma's room in MAU which is the Medical Assessment Unit. It's like the film Coma
Spend a day to two here. Visits from the Pharmacy people. My Gavascon and cough medicine are confiscated lol. All drugs are locked up and dispensed by a nurse.

Day 5 Moved to another ward in MAU. Not happy here. We have a loud eccentric woman, the telly is on all the time. We have a gypsy and a drug dealer who has the remote control for telly.
We have two patients who like the telly on all the time. Its having to listen I find a Chinese torture.
Get me out of here...........
The television in wards causes friction. I and others think wards should be quiet. Others think differently. Some wards in other hospitals have wireless headphones.
We have the World Cup coming up !

Day 6
The Tests
This is a circular xray machine. This gives a 3D picture of the lungs and other bits. I had a crackle in my lungs that could be heard with a stethoscope.
Mr Khan called it the polo machine.

I also had a bronchoscopy Wasn't looking forward the this.
Mr McAndrew the top lung man did this.
I had an intravenous sedative through my canula and a local one down my throat.
You have the option of no local anaesthetic down the throat which makes  your wind pipe flexible or a local anaesthetic. Mr McAndrew advised having the local anaesthetic. You have to sign a consent form for this procedure. 

He sprayed 4 lots of anaesthetic down my throat. After the second I could feel the top of my windpipe touching the bottom. I was concerned about breathing whilst this was going on. I did not however need to be concerned. The whole procedure was over in seconds. The tube is slid down your throat, they spray a liquid into the lung then suck it up again.
Lab results showed 4 bugs. The Pneumonia one, the one that caused my eye infection and two other spectators lol The procedure was not unduly uncomfortable honest !

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Day 11

Day 12

Further ramblings about health

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