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Monday, June 23, 2014

Congratulations to Sarah Hughes the new Clerk to the Council

Hi Sarah,

Can you ask Tom if its ok for you to expose council minutes in full on the notice board?
Today I see 2 pages exposed to view rather than the normal front page.

Most of the stuff on the notice board is unimportant
For example the village website that has not been in existence for 10 years.

Perhaps you can explain to Tom that his view that residents should be kept in the dark when ever possible except for election time is a little out dated.

ps I see no email address or anything else to contact you.

As the person of first contact you should have one

Fact Most Penyffordd Cllrs have email addresses but hide them.
Cindy Hinds, David Williams, Linda Vidamour and Dr Clive Weed the exceptions.

Some things in Penyffordd don't change.

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