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Friday, March 28, 2014

Democracy coming to a computer near you

No need to traipse all the way to County Hall to listen to a Flintshire County Council meeting. In future they can be watched on your computer.


Meanwhile Penyffordd Community Council website continues to be a dog's breakfast

You click Agenda and Minutes and you get bugger all

On any proper website agendas and minutes are all together instead of being all over the show.

The latest pronouncement on grants has no date attached to it.

Quite frankly an embarrassment to the village.  All for £400 and counting...............

The site must have been up for a year by now. This being Version 2.0


  1. As a a bit of a developer i'm quite interested, shocked amazed at what £400 can get you in terms of a website, frankly many community councils would simply be better using a Facebook page and be done with the notion they can deliver a meaningful website experience to their community, however one that has really caught my eye in terms of quality is this

    No nordic scenes here, clean, user friendly, spot on..

  2. Bit of background on the webcast trial by FCC - they are not obliged to carry it on after these first two, evaluation needs to take place (sigh)
    Will they broadcast live meetings in the future|?
    Well i was told that is not the main reason behind the trial, its more about offering up flexible approach for Councillor attendance, ie they can site at home in the undies while joining in!!


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