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Friday, November 29, 2013

Faster Internet for Penymynydd Rd?

The men who dig the road up have been hard at it today. I thought they were going to stop the large amounts of water that lift the BT communication manholes, 1000's of gallons spew out onto the road whose drains cannot deal with the volume.

Nothing to do with that.

Apparently its so Ysgol Penyffordd can have faster internet

I find BT's roll out of faster internet annoying. They still act as a public monopoly.

It's outside the house yet we can't have it.

It's available in various parts of the village.

Best you register an interest if want faster internet

Not sure if this link works for you

It's called BT Infinity which just about weighs up the company.
You may wish to google the term. There is nothing infinite about BT excepting phone conversations with them.

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