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Friday, November 22, 2013

Dobshill Ambulance Station too far from major population?

There's a form of mathematics that can be used to find the optimum position for a depot within a given irregular area. I used it to base an argument on why the edge of Flintshire should not be the place for a giant dumping ground for North Wales. St George's near Rhyl I found to be the optimum place for North Wales.

If Flintshire is about 30 miles long and the ambulance depot is 3 miles from one edge one might reasonably ascertain that Dobshill is not the optimum place for a centre.

Having watched my mother in law die waiting for an ambulance I have first hand experience.
It was tragic Keystone Cops.

I am usually against tables. The current farce of Police Crime Statistics is good example. All our politician's fault.

If we have data of when emergency call was taken against arrival of ambulance we could all see.
The Ambulance Services blaming volume. I think a poor excuse.

Some crap corporate speak from Welsh Ambulance Services. It should be banned.

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