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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

When are Penyffordd Council going to have proper communication with Penyffordd residents?

Earlier in the week I did the following blog in which I questioned the use of the word "unfortunate" in the council minutes. Nigel the clerk has made a comment over this.

Nigel has Internet the above comment just about proves it.
( As far as I am concerned Nigel has been under orders from Penyffordd Cllrs or Cllr Tom Jones individually not to reveal to me that he has an internet connection ) This situation has been ongoing for the last 5 years.

If I wish to send a communication to Penyffordd Community Council I have to print it out, put in an envelope, attach a stamp and an address, walk to the post office which is over the road or walk to Nigel's house which is 5 minutes away.


I could send him an email which takes seconds.

But the latter is not available as Penyffordd Community Council have decided that residents don't deserve email communication. PCC have decided that council knowledge is dangerous and should be kept low profile as much as possible.

Council minutes are kept hidden in a draw in the post office. That's if someone hasn't borrowed them.

Time to change Penyffordd councillors? Time for an email address for the clerk and email addresses for all those councillors who hide their email addresses.

It should be pointed out that county councillors David Williams and Cindy Hinds have email addresses. David doesn't usually answer my emails.

Community Cllr Linda Vidamour displays an email address. I'm disappointed with Linda for not pushing for the community council to have an official email address.
Part of the downside of being in Cllr Tom Jones' Independent ( keep residents in the dark)  Party.

Time for change councillors whether you like it or not.
Time to become digital.
Time for council minutes to be online.


  1. Dear Colin from the Clerk you will no doubt be pleased to note that Penyffordd Community Council minutes and agendas will shortly be posted to the website.

  2. This is good news Nigel. Thank you.


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