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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Utility Water Pressure in Penyffordd district.

I was among'st a group the other night when water pressure was mentioned. I live in an old property with lead pipes, shared pipes so I expect low water pressure. Recent maintenance work by utilities has seen an improvement.

I didn't realise that water pressure is an issue on relatively new estates. It seems to be partly time related. ie. when everyone gets up in the morning water pressure decreases.

We still have one of those outdated cold water header tanks in the loft. So we can maintain a certain pressure. Modern water systems are not the same. How can it be that in a modern built house when someone uses the toilet that pressure decreases and someone in the shower suffers a drop in water pressure, the shower stopping due to low water pressure.

Cue google for Utility obligations. Post script to be added.

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