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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Penyffordd Pedestrian Safety

Someone put the following comment on my blog.

"Too many motorist parking on footpaths and pavements in Penyffordd. This makes a hazard for pedestrians and mums with prams. A bad habit that should not be tolerated by the police. "

Thank you for posting this, an important point especially around schools and the Spar.
NWP aren't interested in such minutae and are no longer responsible for enforcement. It will take pedestrian injury reported in the local media to get any action. Flintshire County Council are now responsible for such misdemeanors.

If you contact County Councillors Cindy Hinds and David Williams they will alert the appropriate dept within FCC.

As people know I live on the corner of Penymynydd Rd. We have a large pavement which is occasionally used for parking. Last year on a Sunday morning when the All Day Breakfast was taking place someone got booked for parking on said pavement at 11 am.
Motorists have also been booked for parking on double yellows near by.

Enforcement seems peace meal to non existent at the moment.
We won't talk about the cretin who blocked my drive for 15 hours............ Had to get NWP on that one. NWP did very well on that.

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