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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Local Communities are organising themselves

Gone are the days when communities voted in  community councils then just left them to it. Hope, Caergwrle and Abermoddu have organised an action group just as Penyffordd, Penymynydd and Dobshill have.

Not sure if you can see the link below if your not on Facebook. If not its well worth joining, its quite easy to just put a few vague details down to join.

Power to the People !


  1. Trying to sell my house because I have to move jobs......seems all these 'save our village' posters are putting potential buyers off....who should I sue?

  2. There are quite a few reasons why houses are slow to sell. I'm not sure that living in an expanding uncontrolled urban sprawl is a good selling point.

  3. The posters are temporary and will not be needed once the Planning Committee has considered the Redrow application and the committee have visited the village, then they will have served their purpose for the time being and taken down.

    For any of us in the village concerned about selling our houses now or in the future, the blight of prospective developments hangs over us - any potential purchaser will be quickly aware of the LDP candidate sites and planning applications which surround the village and the potential new housing developments.

    Our greatest protection is through a sense of community, working together to represent what the community wants - hundreds of people have attended meetings and written their objections - the threat of overdevelopment has served to bring the community closer together.

    Flintshire County Council have a responsibility for the wellbeing of residents, they are responsible for the failure to have the plan in place to appropriately manage developments, I would direct your frustration there in the first instance.

    I hope you are able to sell your home quickly - Penyffordd is a great place to live, a great location and a great community - that is the very reason why developers are targeting it.

  4. Identify for me the original boundary of the village. Colin, even your house was at one time a development outside the original boundary, the Towers, Well House.....the has been constant development beyond the village boundary. This is driven by prime who simply don't want new houses built near them and spoiling their such campaign was launched to help people fight Taylor Wimpey at the Groves...go and look at the impact that has had....don't recall us getting too much community help.

    1. I don't suppose many want new houses spoiling their views. What you mention is then, this is now. Times change, attitudes change, the right people come along. If we don't stand up to the developers we will just end up similar to various urban sprawls that surround us.


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