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Thursday, October 20, 2016

BT Hub 5 Wifi EMF Microwave radiation alert.

We have BT Infinity. The box is in my office. I don't like sitting in wifi all day because its bad for you.
So I turn it off.

Funny how even though I turn it off it still works on Lisa's ipad.

Been scratching my head about this for a while. Thought Lisa might have been using next door.
But she isn't, she's using ours even though it says its switched off.

There's a second wifi signal that gives everyone free wifi. So I'm still bathing in electromagnetic radiation.
Bastard BT.

I'm reading that below which I hope will show me how to switch off the second. I suppose I could always surround it with a Faraday cage otherwise known as tin foil...................

postscript. Getting BT to turn off your wifi may prevent you using your wifi devices elsewhere. ie your mobile phone.

postscript: BT Wifi / Internet box now in old shoe box lined with multiple layers of aluminium baking foil.  Lid to be taken off when wifi is needed which is 5 minutes a day.
It works Lisa's portable devices can't get signal. We'll be staying with network cable.

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