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Saturday, November 07, 2015

The Bonfire

Bonfire night is one of two times a year when many people of the village get together. It has just been pouring down, the bonfire however needs constructing. The best way of doing it is over a few days but you can't do that because some joker might set it on fire before the big night.

So its before 9 in the morning, wet slippy wood everywhere. Residents have been bringing their contributions for the bonfire for the last fortnight. Someone's brought a settee, plenty of leylandii and cypress from near the butcher's shop.  It's been a children's play ground for half term. I wonder about all those nails sticking out of the wood.

Volunteers spend a lot of the day constructing.
Volunteers are also in the Institute kitchen as I write preparing for tonight.

I'm not sure how much money it makes because there are big expenses.

I usually watch the fireworks from the bedroom. I sit the dog on the window sill, he's not bothered by the fireworks as many animals are. When the bangs start there is always an "exit stage left" for parents with screaming frightened children.

Bonfire night a strange celebration. If my history serves me without looking at google we are celebrating the burning of a catholic at the stake for attempting to blow up parliament.

Pretty horrible we were in those days.
I wonder how catholics feel about bonfire night? Is the tradition kept up by protestants to remind catholics of their place?

Down south they've started the tradition of burning politicians. They construct a giant effigy, this year its our prime minister David Cameron with his pig's head.

Perhaps someone can spare a space tonight on their bonfire for our dick head minister who is pushing for our RAF to fly into Syrian airspace currently controlled by Russia. Is he trying to start world War III?

Those who never learn from mistakes are bound to repeat them.

Tomorrow Remembrance Sunday..........

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  1. Seen standing in the queue ( 7th Nov, 6.30pm ) with his young daughter a man wearing flip flops, shorts and a tee shirt................


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