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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Recent Events

You may wonder why our neighbours were singled out first.

Try here  ( its a bit long )
( go to the last paragraph for a summary)

We're in it up to our necks as well.

It's innocent people who suffer.

Look  left past Ireland over the great water for the main perpetrators.

All this gives our gov the excuse to have us all under total control.

George Orwell would smile.


If you want an alternative view of the Western world try these below
Most don't show the bad stuff, you do have to be careful though.

Thought of the Day

How would like 2000 displaced people coming to Penyffordd?
How would you like to be told your taking two of them.

It's happening in Germany as I write

And who has caused all this displacement?
Yes that place over the water

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