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Monday, November 16, 2015

I Spy with my little eye

An informant tells me there was a cctv camera set up looking down Penymynydd Rd.
It was there for two days and then taken down.

Perhaps to see how parents park their vehicles when dropping off children to school?


  1. There's also one going in the allotments and community garden to combat the anti-social behaviour there - damage, fires set, under age drinking and smoking and evidence of drug taking. What kind of a village is this becoming, some think the youths are coming in on the train from Hope as well.

    16 Nov 2015, 17:16:43

  2. Thanks for the comment. I knew abouth the cctv but wasn't sure about mentioning it. The issues seem to be general, not just limited to Penyffordd. That of course doesn't excuse the behaviour.

  3. Perhaps a set of stocks by the village clock. Leave them there for a week.

  4. Put photos on Facebook,, Instagram, etc


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