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Monday, November 23, 2015

Penyffordd Health - Vitamins

I see the new health centre in Hope is coming on leaps and bounds. My last doctor's surgery visit was a 90 minute wait for a 5 minute consultation. I'm looking to join Hope if conditions are better. That's if they are allowing new signings.

Vitamins and supplements, doctors hate them. Perhaps I should say they in general disregard them. They are after all agents for the pharmaceutical industry.

I take all the usual plus Vit D, lugol's solution (iodine), curcumin plus peperine, ginger, selenium, coconut oil, DHEA, whey powder and magnesium chloride.

I take probiotics.

I'm looking to take MSM, licorice, magnesium bicarbonate.

I take all this stuff as I am over 60 and things start to slow down in the body

I took Vit D all last winter, my blood levels showed mid range all through. By February most people's Vit D are low unless you have had a foreign holiday.

Calcium carbonate which doctors hand out like sweeties to us old uns are to be treated with extreme caution.

Here's the low down on what the medical establishment think of vitamins and supplements.
It's USA based but applies to the EU.

Coming shortly compulsory vaccinations for your children. Its started in USA and Australia.

I refused a flu jab last winter and this year. Last years flu jab was totally ineffective as they chose the wrong strains...................

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