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Monday, September 21, 2015

Penyffordd Crime Data

Minuted in the July meeting 2015 of Penyffordd Community Council.

81. Police Report As PCSO Mat Gordon was unable to attend the meeting he provided the following report to the Clerk.

20/6/2015 – ASB – verbal abuse given to a man after leaving the PYF carnival, turned out to be a long standing dispute. It is being dealt with.

21/06/2015 – ASB – Youths have thrown items at a window on Corwen Road.

27/06/2015 – Fire – Youths/Kids have been setting small fires in the grass near Emmanuel Church. Arson reduction team have been made aware and we are working toward an action plan, as there have been 3 similar incidents this month.

27/06/2015 – ASB – Park near Millstone, two younger children have been threatened by older children on the park.

27/06/2015 – ASB – Similar to above, kids using aerosol cans and lighters to set paper alight in the park.

06/07/2015 – ASB – Group of youths drinking alcohol near Towers Way. 
08/07/2015 – Bike stolen from a shed on Hazel Drive

13/07/2015 – As you will be aware, 3 reports of damage to sheds on the allotments. Drug Paraphernalia has also been found near the benches which were moved in the area – I have spoken with youths from the youth club and they are adamant that this is older youths who do not attend the club. I have added the info to our officer briefing sheet which is viewed every shift by every officer prior to going out. Hopefully this will get a few more to pop in and have a look, but with staffing levels very low at present this may not be too likely as we’re all being pulled from pillar to post at the moment. As you can see there has been a rise in the ASB in the area, specifically in the area of the park. I’m going to speak to the inspector once I return from annual leave and will see if we can have a curfew put on the area. We do normally have a rise at this time of year due to schools finishing.


  1. I see the village idiots have been at it again in the park. They are antisocial enough with their daily shouting, drinking, playing loud music etc to all hours at night. Tonight the clowns reached new levels with a very loud firework and creating a large fire in the allotment area. The fire engine has just been down to put it out. How long do we have to out up with these asbo youths?

  2. Thanks for that. Past on to a councillor. I have to agree, how long does it have to go on? Put them in prison for a month...........


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