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Monday, September 28, 2015

Open Council Meetings

79. Open Meeting/Public Questions Cllr Williams brought to the table the option of having either an Open Meeting or Public Questions. The Council discussed a number of various options. IT WAS RESOLVED the Council will consider these options and this item will be included on September’s Agenda.

The above was in the July minutes. This indeed a good idea. Perhaps David, the council could go one step further and video meeting live and recorded on the council website. Instead of attending a two hour omnibus, one could sit in the comfort of one's own home sipping a glass of red. One could even fast forward to the more interesting bits.

A first for a Flintshire town or village council!

I should mention that currently anyone can attend a council meeting unless they are having a secret session. You are not allowed to speak or interrupt unless asked.

1 comment:

  1. Who's Waiting2 Feb 2016, 22:48:00

    Wonder if councillors realise they are OUR servants?

    Certainly don't appear to... do they?


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