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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Penyffordd Councillor Mad Concepts

I was going to mention Penyffordd Council's final comments on Local Development Plan Pen041.
However the Penyffordd Community website is down.
Perhaps the silly background fir trees are being removed.....
I'll take a look later.


Its back up, fir trees are still there........................

This is the council's view (unratified I think) on Pen041
78. Single Site School
Following a meeting between Andy Roberts FCC with Cllrs Hinds and Williams it was established that Candidate Site PEN041 was actually incorrect and should not have 26 been put forward. 

The Council discussed this error and identified it was a mistake by the Community Council in supporting PEN041. 
The Council have now officially withdrawn their support. The Council still feel very strongly on a single site school and are in the process of arranging a mutually convenient date for a meeting between Ian Budd, Colin Everett, Andrew Farrow, Head Teacher and School Governor.

 IT WAS RESOLVED i. The Council have no ambitions on any land in the village to do with the Millstone, no ambitions to take over the Caravan Park, no ambitions in putting a single site school on the allotments or any other properties within the PEN041 boundary line. ii. The date of the meeting regarding Single Site School was agreed to be either 2 nd or 9th September or if needed the Council will hold a Special Meeting. 

Cllr Williams will confirm the date to the Council as soon as confirmation is received.



  1. I have written an email to Clerk Sarah about another one of your mad ideas. The demolition of The Spar ( LDP Pen035). We do of course need no shops and more houses. It would good to see a councillor write an article on the need to remove the only shop in the village. Come on Cllr David Williams explain yourself or for that matter any other Penyffordd Cllr.

    1. I await an acknowledgement of my email Sarah, also whether it will be included for discussion in the next community council meeting.

  2. They have been found out - and pressurised/embarrassed - partly by contributions to this site, and now they are falling over themselves to disassociate themselves from it - laughable. Go, now, for the love of god, all of you depart and make way for new blood - you're an embarrassment to the village.

    1. Fair comment. I question whether they're all on drugs. I'm still waiting for the statement that they no longer wish to knock the Spar down. There's something underhand being going on with Pen041 and Pen035. It seems to me there was no open vote, you had to vote for everything. No discussion in council over items, all done behind closed doors or in The Red. The only way to vote against was not to turn up.

    2. Perhaps County Hall is in the mix....

  3. I still await a statement from one of our elected representatives explaining why they voted to destroy a mobile home community ( aprox 11 dwellings ), take Millstone land, destroy 3 houses, destroy play areas, allotment and knock down The Spar which is a highly valued asset to the community. Not holding my breath on that one.....

    1. Also destroying jobs at The Spar. Compensation for the above would be in the millions.


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