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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Congratulations to New School Governor Steve Vaughan

I understand Steve has been made a school governor. Well done Steve.
You're not standing for Council next year are you? :)

I also understand Steve is in charge of Health and Safety.

If this is true Steve has the wind somewhat against him.

In my opinion councillors are not happy with the school governors
Penyffordd Councillors as a group are laissez faire over village safety with regards traffic.
Some local hostelry patrons also can't see why they can't hammer up or down Chester Rd.
Never mind the kids they'll jump out the way.

A previous councillor who was a school governor fought me for years ( seven) over traffic calming. Wouldn't look at the FCC speed figures for Chester Rd a major route to school. Or didn't want to.
Tried to get the county council lawyers on to me.

My opinion is that traffic calming should be made more vigorous. This morning I saw overtaking on the big speed bumps between 8.30 and 9.00am. (school time) Traffic regularly does 40 mph over the bumps.
Traffic needs stopping at the first bump, its just a matter of increasing bump profile

A tough call Steve, I see no help from Penyfforrd Cllrs at all.

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