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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Penyffordd Community Council September Agenda

1. Apologies
2. Declaration of Interest – Members Code of Conduct To receive any declarations of interest from Members.
3. Minutes of the meeting held on 15th July 2015 To receive the minutes and confirm as a correct record and then approve the Minutes.
4. Matters arising To review any matters arising from the last meeting.
5. Single Site School To discuss the ongoing concerns with the Chair of Governors.
6. Community Asset Transfers To review information received following the Expression of Interests made.
7. Millstone Playing Field To receive an update in respect of funding.
8. Transport – Bus Routes To discuss the No.3 Bus Route with regard to the Buckley Medical Practice and the removal/suspension of the X55.
9. HRC – Hope Recycle Centre To review the financial breakdown received from FCC.
10. Open Meeting/Public Questions To discuss this subject further and review the suggested formats.

11. Best Kept Communities Competition Results The Clerk will report the results to the Council.
12. Police Report PCSO Mat Gordon to provide a report.
13. Planning Applications To review and consider planning applications received. i. Ref: 054013. Belmor, Wrexham Road, Penyffordd – Creation of new vehicular access.
14. Notification of Planning Decision To note planning decisions made by Flintshire County Council. 15. Correspondence To acknowledge and note correspondence received
16. Any Other Business


  1. No 8. We have no health centre and public transport is to be removed from one of the main health centres that Penyffordd residents have to travel to outside the village.

  2. No5 Is there friction between council and school governors? Cllr Tom Jones found himself no longer a governor, a coup d'etat? Another councillor who shall remain nameless drew up new school plans without any consultation (outside the Red Lion) to knock down half the village.

  3. Please tell if any of the above comments are wrong.

  4. Extra comments most welcome.

  5. No 7 Millstone Playing Field Funding. Would this be the area the council voted to knock down last April in the LDP plan?

  6. Not sure this should actually involve the community council at all. Two councillors are on the governing body. Not other councillor can claim to represent the parents and pupils or staff of the school. The governing body has local reps, council reps, teacher reps and several parent reps - they should be trusted to make the right decisions and negotiate with county on behalf of their stakeholders - the children - not a bunch of out of touch busy bodies who would knock down the remaining village amenities. Get over it Tom

    1. Many thanks for your comment. I think Tom and his gang should retire before the next local elections. Their time has well gone. Problem being they have caused a vacuum by lingering. Does Penyffordd have people with the right skills to step up to the plate. Will Penyffordd residents recognise the need for change. Tom's gang should announce now their intention to step down at the next election just as Prime Minister David Cameron has done.

  7. Smacks of the chair of governors being summoned to appear - what right do they have to do that, it's not as if they are that interested - just miffed that they are out of the loop - or one of them is!

    1. I think they are miffed as well. Penyffordd people had decided they had had enough.


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