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Friday, August 21, 2015

Trouble at Spar - Fighting

Not only do Penyffordd Community Council want to knock it down, there's been fighting.
Best knock it down.....

One hopes Penyffordd Cllrs are going to back off wanting the Spar closed.

Perhaps they have cunning plans for a new shop for the village somewhere else.

If its still on the table come local elections in 2016 all councillors who voted for its destruction will be outed in the local press and other avenues of communication including social media.

I did have in mind a blog about how peaceful and crime free Penyffordd was.

Some old herbert left their car running this morning and stood in the queue in the Post Office.................................

See if you stop and start it uses extra fuel.

Funny old world !

1 comment:

  1. Compensation for the company that own the Spar convenience shops will be rather eye watering. Perhaps the county council will ask the community council to cough up. Wonder if the company know about the councillor's plans?
    Hard times are coming for county councils.


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