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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Safe, Proud and Neighbourly

Does that equal where you live?

You're very lucky if it does.

Neighbours are an issue everywhere.

I'd like an expert opinion of people who live around me.

I won't go into detail, its not worth the bother.

Could do a whole page on our terrace row.

Most people in the village seem ok. Those who won't even say hello to you, acknowledge your existence are very sad. Perhaps its as Philip Larkin said in his famous poem " This be the verse"
"Your parents they F you up, they don't mean to but they do"

postscript: Penyffordd is a nice place to live, low crime, low bother, views across the countryside, green fields for miles.


  1. Make the best of the green fields I reckon. The way things are going all we'll be able to see will be houses, houses, and yet more houses. So sad

  2. Thanks for the comment, you have a point. Living in the middle of the village I see little of the expansion unless I go looking for it. I personally see no need for continued expansion within the UK, it should be stopped. All our top businesses see is more people, more money. The sheep just follow. If you want to see expansion within Flintshire look at the LDP map for Buckley, its going to be twice as big.


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