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Saturday, August 01, 2015

Hanson Cement have a new plant manager

Congratulations David Quick on his promotion to top man at Padeswood

With most fallout having disappeared due to Hanson investment Penyffordd is a much cleaner place.

Can't remember the last time my windscreen had a coat of cement dust. It's a few years.
(It's on the blog somewhere)

Highlights from their Opendoor communication to the village.

1. 5940 days since the last Lost Time Incident.
2. £4m Investment
3. New packing plant costing £2m in construction
4. 29 more people have been recruited
5. Hanson are helping build the *unwanted giant prison at Wrexham

Hanson burns 3 types of fuel at present

1. Coal
2. Meat and Bonemeal ( slaughter house waste)
3. SRF  (household and commercial waste**)
**That hides a multitude of contents which includes brake fluid I presume

Hanson is to build a Biodiversity Park on a disused landfill to the west of the plant.
Pity a local school wasn't allowed to design it

County Cllr Cindy Hinds and local Les Hewitt (NFU) represent Penyffordd district at quarterly liason meetings.

* my feelings and I think shared by many, our AM's strangely silent. Last year when I was in the Maelor we had a drug dealer in the ward, you can add prisoners doing time to the list of those you might not want in the next bed. I don't think Wrexham Prison is having murderers, well not to start with :)

Cindy's communication details

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