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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Traffic calming modifications and Chester Rd drainage

This morning we've had our first real test with a downpour not forecast by The Met.  Surface water flowing down Penymynydd Rd and onto Chester Rd. Drains unable to cope as normal

Large amounts of water lift BT underground trunking system manholes and send surface water onto Chester Rd. The water enters BT trunking at some higher point in Penymynydd Rd.

The bungalows opposite which are built below Chester Rd level suffered minimal flooding. Excess water as per usual goes down the farm lane.

Water off the Institute field cannot be dealt with by new drainage..

My amateur opinion is that Penymynydd Rd / Chester Rd drainage is unable to deal with torrential downpours efficiently. Whether this is due to lack of  new infrastructure when the Tate and Wellhouse were built is open to debate.

I notice drains for the new White Lion development are going down towards Broughton.
This is good news for us at the bottom of the hill.

Seems other places suffered far worse.

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